colour PINK - is sheer attitude

ZEYRI – Rose Quartz necklace with 925 sterling silver findings

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Rose Quartz is the most important crystal for healing the heart 

Design — 8 mm & 6 mm diameter crystals, hand-knotted with twisted dark pink silk cord & 925 sterling silver findings - namely 1 x APOCCAS eye tag, 1 x 8mm magnetic ball clasp

Dimensions – one size fits all: collier length: 40 cm; can be worn with MAGNA bracelets as length extension to 58 cm to 62 cm matinee necklace

Feeling (attracted to the colour) pink?

Praising the sweetness and innocence of the inner child in you we think pinks are playful, passionate, fun and a sheer delight. More opacity adds the crowning dynamic for selfless love and compassion: it expands the consciousness. Softer shades are more sensual and romantic in nature. Pink is also the official colour of friendship and happiness and peculiarly has been used inside prison cells to reduce aggression and spread love!!

Pink isn’t just a colour,
it’s an attitude!
~Miley Cyrus
(actress, singer-songwriter,

Rose Quartz Crystal is the stone of universal (self-)love. It promotes forgiveness & acceptance invoking self-trust & self worth. With its calming & healing vibes it restores harmony in relationships & provides consolation, healing & hope in times of grief. 

— Simply delightful

Delight of Rose Passion

The qualities of sheer Delight and with it love, compassion & self-love are amplified by Rose Quartz crystal.  Indulge in Rose Passion‘s soothing pink celebration while you rejoice in the never-ending joy of your unguarded heart & soul.

Joy is not in things;
it is in us.
~Richard Wagner
(dramatic composer & theorist,

ZEYRI necklaces are hand-knotted, 1-strand, featuring 8 mm or 8mm & 6 mm semi-precious stones, with colour-coordinated, natural silk cord, embellished with 925 sterling silver or 14ct vermeil gold (= sterling silver gold plated) findings - namely 1 x APOCCAS eye tag and 1 x 8 mm magnetic ball clasp, and - in some designs - adding 3 x 3 mm cube beads, 4 x 4 mm round beads, 3 x 3 mm x 4.5 mm oval beads. Each bracelet is protected in a dedicated embroidered cotton pouch with organic yarn hand-twisted by our artisans in Sakon Nakhon (Isaan).