colour WHITE - a reminder that new beginnings, no matter how dark the night, are always the way of the world

ZEYRI – Rainbow Moonstone necklace with 925 sterling silver findings

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Rainbow Moonstone instils the highest kind of understanding through the encapsulation of light.

Design — 8 mm & 6 mm diameter crystals, hand-knotted with twisted white silk cord & 925 sterling silver findingsnamely 1 x APOCCAS eye tag, 1 x 8mm magnetic ball clasp and 10 x beads (oval, round, cube)

Dimensions – one size fits all: collier length: 40 cm; can be worn with MAGNA bracelets as length extension to 58 cm to 62 cm matinee necklace

Feeling (attracted to the colour) white? 

MILKY WAY draws in the purity of white light as a reminder to accept that, no matter how dark the night, new beginnings are always the way of the world.

We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no
colour can be seen; yellow for the earth;
green for water; blue for air;
red for fire; & black for total darkness.
~Leonardo Da Vinci
(Italian Renaissance polymath,

Rainbow Moonstone is a symbol for new beginnings. A stone of inner strength & growth it enhances the wearer’s intuition, instils inspiration, success & good fortune in love & business matters. It calms anxiety & stabilises the nerves inviting surrender all around.

— Truce or dare you embrace surrender?

Humility of Milky Way

The energy of Humility resonates with Rainbow Moonstone forming a gentle merging of ancient wisdoms & new beginnings through intuition & light. Allow the pure white opacity of Milky Way to nurture you softly & inspire your very altruistic self in the know that these are the ways of the world.

A man wrapped up in himself makes
a very small bundle.
~Benjamin Franklin
(Founding Father of the USA,

ZEYRI necklaces are hand-knotted, 1-strand, featuring 8 mm or 8mm & 6 mm semi-precious stones, with colour-coordinated, natural silk cord, embellished with 925 sterling silver or 14ct vermeil gold (= sterling silver gold plated) findings - namely 1 x APOCCAS eye tag and 1 x 8 mm magnetic ball clasp, and - in some designs - adding 3 x 3 mm cube beads, 4 x 4 mm round beads, 3 x 3 mm x 4.5 mm oval beads. Each bracelet is protected in a dedicated embroidered cotton pouch with organic yarn hand-twisted by our artisans in Sakon Nakhon (Isaan).