MAGNA – Flesh Moonstone & Carnelian 14ct vermeil gold ball clasp bracelet

colour NUDE/TAN/FLESH - radiates warmth & energy which promote strength & courage

MAGNA – Flesh Moonstone & Carnelian 14ct vermeil gold ball clasp bracelet

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Flesh Moonstone prepares for serendipity & synchronicity 
Carnelian [derived from Latin carnis, flesh] is excellent for restoring vitality & courage 

Design — 8 mm & 6 mm diameter crystals, hand-knotted with garnet silk & 14ct vermeil gold findings - namely one APOCCAS eye tag & 4 x (2 x for men's sizes) 4 mm cube beads, completed with a magnetic clasp.

Available for the following wrist circumferences:  SM (14.5 to 16.0 cm) | ML (16.0 to 17.5 cm)

Feeling (attracted to the colour) nude?

Nude/tan/flesh – distant relatives of the controversy-sparking orange, teasing and sensual skin tones radiate a lovely warmth and energy which promotes strength, courage and resolution

The body always expresses the spirit
whose envelope it is.
And for him who can see,
the nude offers the richest meaning.
~Auguste Rodin
 (sculptor, 1840-1917)

Flesh Moonstone & Carnelian crystals - with their inherent orange-red tones - assist us to master our emotions by bringing them under our will. With its waning moon energy & power to induce reflection it is a stone of will & intuition which brings out our gentler, feminine side.

— An activation of what drives us all

Resolution of Nude Flesh

The embodiment of Resolution, passion & strength lies within Carnelians & Flesh Moonstones.  All three properties balance yin & yang – the positive & negative forces. Immerse yourself in Nude Flesh and with it your very human essence as you become one with that fond childhood delight of believing that all is possible.

Courage is looking fear
right in the eye and saying,
‘Get the hell out of my way,
I’ve got things to do.’

MAGNA bracelets are hand-knotted, single-strand, featuring 8 mm & 6 mm semi-precious stones, with colour-coordinated, natural silk cord, embellished with our APOCCAS eye tag and a total of 4 x (2 x for men) 4 mm cube or 4 x 5 mm tube beads, finished off with an 8mm diameter magnetic ball clasp – all made from 925 sterling silver or 14ct vermeil gold (= sterling silver gold plated) - according to design. Each bracelet is protected in a dedicated cotton pouch with organic yarn hand-twisted by our artisans in Sakon Nakhon (Isaan).