AGNI – Snowflake Obsidian stretch bracelet, 8mm

colour BLACK - a tribute to the darkness of night: the primordial void

AGNI – Snowflake Obsidian stretch bracelet, 8mm

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Ancient wisdom suggests that earth's semi-precious treasures bear more than just decorative benefits:
Snowflake Obsidian gives vision to see what no longer serves us 

Planet: Saturn
Chakra: Base
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Releases 'misguided thinking', blockages, fear  

Dimensions — 8 mm diameter crystals
Available for the following wrist circumferences:  Small (16.0 cm) / Medium (17.0 cm) / Large (18.0 cm) / Extra-Large (19.5 cm) / XXL (21 cm)

Feeling (attracted to the colour) black?

Wearing the colour black is a tribute to the darkness of night.  It is the primordial void, a MYSTIC ALLURE, a colour that lacks colour, ranging from being authoritative with zero tolerance in its obscurest origins to seeking neutrality and compromise as the shades lighten.

Black is real sensation,
even if it is produced
by entire absence of light.

~ Hermann von Helmholtz
(physician & physicist,

Snowflake Obsidian has inclusions of spherulite which give us vision to see what no longer serves us. While it helps ground & protect us it boosts our confidence & self-esteem and balances the body, mind & soul.

— A powerful confidence and self-esteem booster

Magnetism of Mystic Allure

The pure Magnetism of Snowflake Obsidian bestows upon your auric field inner balance for body, mind & soul where surrender to stillness resurrects empowerment. Be mesmerised by Mystic Allure‘s volcanic opalescence & transcend beyond illusion into a world of your own illuminated creation.

Faith is an invisible & invincible magnet;
 attracts to itself whatever it fervently
& calmly & persistently expects.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
(essayist, lecturer, & poet,

Our semi-precious power bracelet comes on a strong multi-ply elastic band with a small 925 silver tag featuring the APOCCAS EYE (blackened), protected in a dedicated bracelet bag, made from 100% cotton yarn, mercerised & EU Flower certified. Each bag's pair of pull strings is made from twisted organic yarn, made by our villagers in Sakon Nakhon (Isaan); each string is equipped with a Clear Quartz crystal stopper which can be used as a spare stone for the bracelet to adjust the wrist size if desired.