MAGNA – Rose Quartz & Apatite 925 silver ball clasp bracelet

colour PINK - is sheer attitude

MAGNA – Rose Quartz & Apatite 925 silver ball clasp bracelet

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Rose Quartz is the most important crystal for healing the heart 
Apatite - stimulates spiritual attunement & brings psychic gifts

Design — 8 mm & 6 mm diameter crystals, hand-knotted with light pink silk & 925 sterling silver findings - namely one APOCCAS eye tag & 4 x 5mm tube beads, completed with a magnetic clasp.

Available for the following wrist circumferences:  SM (14.5 to 16.0 cm) | ML (16.0 to 17.5 cm)

Feeling (attracted to the colours) pink & blue?  

Praising the sweetness and innocence of the inner child in you we think pinks are playful, passionate, fun and a sheer delight. A mystical clairaudience of wisdom & self–mastery is added through teal blue — associated with interpersonal 'communication' that turns inward thus increasing personal insights & understanding filtered through the heart. 

The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched
- they must be felt with the heart
~Helen Keller
(political activist  & lecturer, 1880-1968)

Rose Quartz Crystal is the stone of universal (self-)love. It promotes forgiveness & acceptance invoking self-trust & self worth. With its calming & healing vibes it restores harmony in relationships & provides consolation, healing & hope in times of grief. 
Spiritually attuned to the future, Apatite is a stone of manifestation, an interface between consciousness and matter. A union of blue & green, it eliminates emotional dis-ease & facilitates public speaking as it connects throat & heart. 

Delight & Truth

The qualities of sheer Delight and with it love, compassion & self-love are amplified by Rose Quartz crystal.  Indulge in Rose Passion‘s soothing pink celebration while you rejoice in the never-ending joy of your unguarded heart & soul. Truth, harmony & conscious alignment vibrate with Apatite. Heartfelt stillness & contemplation induced by the astuteness of ocean dreams let you see yourself in the divine know of it all. 

Great tranquillity of the heart is his
who cares for neither praise not blame.
~Thomas à Kempis
(copyist & writer, c. 1380-1471)

MAGNA bracelets are hand-knotted, single-strand, featuring 8 mm & 6 mm semi-precious stones, with colour-coordinated, natural silk cord, embellished with our APOCCAS eye tag and a total of 4 x (2 x for men) 4 mm cube or 4 x 5 mm tube beads, finished off with an 8mm diameter magnetic ball clasp – all made from 925 sterling silver or 14ct vermeil gold (= sterling silver gold plated) - according to design. Each bracelet is protected in a dedicated cotton pouch with organic yarn hand-twisted by our artisans in Sakon Nakhon (Isaan).