AGNI – Amethyst stretch bracelet, 6mm

colour PURPLE – a play on your altruistic side it stimulates the mind to help find focus

AGNI – Amethyst stretch bracelet, 6mm

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Ancient wisdom suggests that earth's semi-precious treasures bear more than just decorative benefits:
Amethyst opens multidimensional awareness 

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
Chakra: Third Eye & higher
Zodiac sign: Aquarius, Pisces
Relieves physical, emotional & psychological pain; aids decision-making

Dimensions — 6 mm diameter crystals
Available for the following wrist circumferences:  Small (16.0 cm) / Medium (17.0 cm) / Large (18.0 cm)

Feeling (attracted to the colour) purple?  

Majestic purple and violet embody the balance of stimulating reds and calming blues so the undertone is crucial as to whether the hues uplift or soothe the mind.  With its distinct flair of mystique it promotes spirituality and wisdom

Born in the scientific purple.
~George Howard Darwin
(astronomer & mathematician,

Amethyst is a mighty protective stone; it encourages selflessness, spiritual awareness & psychic abilities. It stimulates the mind & helps the wearer to find focus. This crystal strengthens the immune system, eases headaches & releases tension. 

— With reigning gentle kings in mind

Wisdom of Regal Grace

Our spiritual Wisdom & inner peace is invoked by Amethyst through transformation. Indulge yourself in the colour purple, with its intensity worthy to crown & embrace all nobility of worldly & other transcendent empires, as Regal Grace descends upon your higher realm of awareness.

Knowledge speaks,
but wisdom listens. ~Jimi Hendrix
 (musician & singer-songwriter,

Our semi-precious power bracelet comes on a strong multi-ply elastic band with a small 925 silver tag featuring the APOCCAS EYE (blackened), protected in a dedicated bracelet bag, made from 100% cotton yarn, mercerised & EU Flower certified. Each bag's pair of pull strings is made from twisted organic yarn, made by our villagers in Sakon Nakhon (Isaan); each string is equipped with a Clear Quartz crystal stopper which can be used as a spare stone for the bracelet to adjust the wrist size if desired.