AGNI – Yellow Agate bracelet, 6mm

colour YELLOW - embrace happiness & positivity with confidence & optimism

AGNI – Yellow Agate bracelet, 6mm

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Ancient wisdom suggests that earth's semi-precious treasures bear more than just decorative benefits:
Yellow Agate increases innervision & introspection 

Planet: Sun
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Gives courages & luck, strengthens rational thought, dissolves tension

Dimensions — 6 mm diameter crystals
Available for the following wrist circumferences:  Small (16.0 cm) / Medium (17.0 cm) / Large (18.0 cm)

Feeling (attracted to the colour) yellow?

The colour yellow shines bright with optimism, happiness and positivity. Shades of AMUN RA's [Egyptian Sun God] golden yellow carry promises of a sunny future while our own creativity runs wild.

How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.
~Vincent Van Gogh
(post-Impressionist painter,

Yellow Agate is a grounding stone offering protective energy to shield from unwanted negative disturbances. As it adds mental focus it increases willpower & stamina.  Empowerment for the wearer is amplified by a boost in creativity & courage.

— In celebration of self–empowerment

Intuition of Amun Ra

Awaken your instinct, Intuition & creativity with Yellow Moonstone as it bestows upon you the power of good fortune.  You are protected.  Feel the welcome boost of the sun’s life force as Amun Ra fills you with optimism, confidence, serenity & luck as the sun’s energy refuels your body’s engine.

The only real valuable thing is intuition.
~Albert Einstein
(physicist & Nobel Prize laureate,

Our semi-precious power bracelet comes on a strong multi-ply elastic band with a small 925 silver tag featuring the APOCCAS EYE (blackened), protected in a dedicated bracelet bag, made from 100% cotton yarn, mercerised & EU Flower certified. Each bag's pair of pull strings is made from twisted organic yarn, made by our villagers in Sakon Nakhon (Isaan); each string is equipped with a Clear Quartz crystal stopper which can be used as a spare stone for the bracelet to adjust the wrist size if desired.