The Power of Green

In Thailand, there are traditions which use astrological rules to assign a colour to wear for each day of the week. The colour is assigned based on the God who protects the day (Navagraha).

On Wednesday, green should be worn based on the celestial body of Mercury and the God, Buddha. However, green is not to be worn on Saturdays as it is unlucky for the wearer.

Green balances and refreshes us with its cool and warm nuances. From ‘forest’ to ‘lime’ to ‘olive’, this colour is the ambassador of peace and ecology.

MalachiteGreen garnet

On the left we feature the APOCCAS AGNI malachite bracelet, and on the right, the AGNI green garnet bracelet.

Malachite promotes balance and harmony to the environment as well as its inhabitants alike. It soaks up pollutants to make way for a world based on unconditional love.

Green garnet enhances spiritual relationships, often including self-love and a state of peaceful solitude, without loneliness. It promotes solitude without egocentricity and, overall, reminds us of the universal nature of our human existence.

Pore scarf Mari throw

APOCCAS associates green with the mantra, tranquility. Our MARI throw (left) and PORE scarf (right) enhances prosperity and peace in harmony with malachite and green garnet stones. Welcome the Green Man, ruler of flora and fauna, into your aura to unite with the vital spirit of all things natural.

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