Embracing Spring


Yellow: Giving springtime the perfect flowers and meaning

The Symbolism of Yellow Flowers

When you think of spring, what comes to mind? New green grass and the colour yellow is the immediate reminder of springtime for me. They’re a sign of the warm sunshine ready to arrive, longer days, and new beginnings.

Yellow Rose

Daffodils symbolise new beginnings, eternal life, and rebirth; they are a message of the true spring season. A sole daffodil however, foretells misfortune. Its vibrant yellow color represents.

Yellow roses are a message of joy, gladness, delight, and a promise of a new beginning. They are the perfect flower to give to friends as they are a sign of caring.

With their unique shapes and beautiful yellow colours, these flowers can brightens anyone’s mood, while creating excitement for the sunny months to come. Wear yellow to uplift your mood and embrace all its positive power.

Embracing Spring at APOCCAS

The colour yellow shines bright in our LOOS scarf with optimism, happiness and positivity. Shades of AMUN RA's [Egyptian Sun God], golden yellow carry promises of a sunny future while our own creativity runs wild.


Our eye-catching Thailand-Laos style scarf beauty benefitting from a more casual and relaxed scarf design. Made from 100% wildly harvested hand-spun cotton through and through, this cuddly, more summery stunner attracts attention in any of the five predominantly indigo-hued colour combinations -- here featured in yellow eggshell. Optimised with corresponding mantra and crystal it marries the word 'Intuition' with 8 mm yellow agate near-hidden in the twisted tassels at both ends.

This spring, embrace the power of yellow to create a happy and more positive you!