Soulful APOCCAS Agni

Rose Q Agni £27 Available from apoccas.com


It is one of our favourite stories and one that never fails to inspire. The birth of this brand came from the rippling effect of self-exploration and the wonderful results of personal odyssey.

There are few who understand the unlimited effects of spiritual growth more than self-professed soul-seeker Alexandra Du Sold of APOCCAS. Building a brand that produces ethical hand woven materials and unique bracelets was never going to be easy. But travel, spurred on by the pursuit of spirituality compelled Alexandra to build a brand that you can’t help but want to wrap yourself up in.

Through the skills of expert artisans based in Thailand, APOCCAS is able to produce scarves and throws that are influenced by the discovery of spirituality. Providing work for women in small villages and holding life sacred, this brand highlights the wonderful products of self- exploration.

This is APOCCAS AGNI – Rose Quartz Bracelet, with calming vibes it promises to evoke self-trust and forgiveness.

First published in yogamagazine.com, March 2014 edition