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AdS headshots for APOCCAS

Surname, name:  Du Sold, Alexandra

Age:  Forty-something

Company/organisation name:  APOCCAS (Ancient Power On Cashmere, Cotton and Silk)

Current position:  Founder and Creative Director

Family situation:  APOCCAS is my baby. The matron weavers of rural Thailand are my chosen family.

Successes and setbacks encountered along the way:  I’d say that the biggest setback we encountered actually turned out in our favour. We had submitted a crowdfund campaign application to Kickstarter initially, but were rejected; we appealed and it was denied again because we had proposed women’s empowerment as a marketing tool. We went with Indiegogo which resulted in a very successful campaign that allowed us to pre-sell our collection and get word out to a very sentient, international audience. We were thrilled to have turned a negative into an absolute positive.

Which is your biggest achievement?  Letting go of ‘reputation’ and turning to solidifying ‘character’ instead. This meant losing all elements of fear and replacing them with trust, exploring passion at the expense of reason; pursuing truth. Living freedom in harmony with nature and before I knew it, APOCCAS was born. Its four-pillar philosophy embraces women’s empowerment, sustainability, heirloom luxury and “feel-goodism”. An APOCCAS scarf is living proof that luxury commerce can be about ‘no harm’, something I take great pride in.

Where does your energy come from?  Yoga and meditation.

How can you explain your success?  As William Shakespeare put it: “To thine own self be true” is a good start. Success is often a perceived third party measure. For me, it is about principles and remaining steady on a path that leads to a greater common good. ‘Truth’ and ‘Freedom’ are my guiding mantras.

What do you still have to accomplish?  Brand building takes time and is costly. It is based on raising awareness with customers, better yet, on having them buy into our dream. They determine whether your passion becomes a global success. To say it in Simon Sinek’s every so apt words: “inspire [them] to believe what you believe”.

What is your message to other women?  You can only fail if you don’t try. Remember that all routes to success require both focus and passion. Don’t forget to breathe and believe that the Universe has a way to reward all genuine, powerful intentions.

AdS headshots for APOCCAS

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